Say Om: Yoga poses to boost fertility

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We’ve all heard of pregnancy yoga, which many moms-to-be saying it helps with the birth of their baby but this post is all about the benefits of yoga for infertility.

Yoga promotes relaxation and can remove toxins from the body, both of which will inevitably have a positive impact on baby making. However, there are some specific yoga poses that can directly impact on the different stages of a woman’s cycle. They do this by promoting blood flow to the endocrine system, the reproductive organs and the thyroid thereby helping with fertility issues.


With each pose listed below, take deep, thoughtful breaths with your belly rising with each inhale. Exhale slowly with your belly returning to its normal position. Repeat each pose and the controlled breathing for 5 minutes. When in each pose, imagine a warm glow and breeze covering your body when you inhale and the sense of motion as you exhale.


  1. Butterfly pose – This pose will help with any tension in the hip, groin and knee areas.
  2. Intense Dorsal Stretch – This pose eases tension in the low back and hip area.
  3. Inverted Lake Pose – This pose promotes blood flow to the reproductive area.
  4. Cobra Pose – This pose helps blood flow in the uterus and ovaries.
  5. Bridge Pose – This pose is said to stimulate the thyroid and the uterus.
  6. Malasana Pose – This pose eliminates toxins in the reproductive area.
  7. Corpse Pose – This pose assists with relaxation and eases anxiety.

There are several great YouTube videos on fertility yoga. Browse the selection of videos here and try to do one several times a week. Most will include the poses mentioned in this post. Say om and carry on (hopefully with a fertilised egg at the end!)

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